The Official Surface for The Australian Open Grand Slam tournament. Plexicushion was selected for use at Melbourne Park in 2008 offering exceptional traction as well as accurate bounce encouraging high-performance.


Plexicushion is a surface that can be used under a Plexipave Tennis surface to enhance performance by reducing muscle fatigue. The cushioned surface enables players to play 'on' the surface rather than 'in' the surface.


The outstanding shock absorbing features of Plexicushion provide the player with a firm surface to play on, reducing the risk of pulling muscles or twisting ankles. Unlike most other conventional surfaces, Plexicushion is less traumatic on joints, making it a better health alternative for players of all ages to play on.


Plexicushion is made from environmentally friendly products that provide a consistent bounce, sure footing and shock absorption for players. Plexicushion can be suited to your budget and surface requirements.